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If you found this page you probably realized that long term health is not created by quick fixes.

With the Eastern approach to holistic health combined with the western solution oriented mindset Ming herbs puts together a range of highest quality herbs into potent formulas to solve the problem of health issues of today.

Even if we have herbal formulas for sale, the main purpose with Ming Herbs existence is to spread knowledge and support real long term health.

Knowing how it is the acidity/alkalinity of the human body, which is the basis of disease and health, and not the pathogens per se, you can combine the herbs to a herbal detox and support program just for you with Ming’s wide range of herbal formulas.

If you are not fully informed about the acidity/alkalinity environment in the body or how to detox and regain remarkable health.

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Where there is health, there is no disease.

Where there is health, there is no disease. A healthy body is balanced at the physical, emotional and mental levels. A state where qi flows harmoniously and you are magnetically aligned. When all your bodily systems work as they should, may it be your digestive,...

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Alkaline and acid diet made simple

Alkaline and acid diet made simple The quality of what you eat and drink creates the foundation for your health or illness. To eat the most nourishing foods you can afford and have access to is vital to long term health. The perspective of acidity concerning foods and...

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What a real detox includes

What a real detox includes The Gut The gut– a major source of old accumulated waste and parasites, and cause of low energy and many diseases. Poor gut health will negatively effect all the other internal organs and overall nourishment of the body. Indications: People...

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