Kidney Cleanse


Herbal formula

• Dissolves crystals and stones in the kidneys
• Cleanses kidneys & urinary tract
• Helpful in cases of UTI & lower back pain
• Supports good kidney & bladder function

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90 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-2 capsules three times a day in between meals. Drink more water than usual (3.5 litres a day in cold weather & 4 litres a day in hot climates).
INGREDIENTS:10:1 extracts of hydrangea, chicory, marshmallow, cat’s claw, comfrey, golden rod, corn silk, saw palmetto, uva
ursi, white oak bark. Powders of andrographis, tulsi.


Bad diet/lifestyle can cause kidneys to become weak, accumulate crystals and stones and lose the ability to filter waste water from the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid/ waste water may then accumulate in the body, resulting in progressive acidosis, which is a primary contributor to many diseases. Cleansing and supporting the kidneys is crucial.


The kidneys and adrenals (the functions of which are inseparable), control many important bodily mechanisms such as; metabolism, the autonomic nervous system, hormone production, sexual strength. Symptoms connected to weakened kidneys are: Chronic fatigue, edema, heaviness, weakness, pain in legs and lower back, premature greying and/or loss of hair, loss of hearing, drop in fertility and low libido. This formula will improve your kidneys filtration function.

The longer you take the capsules the more filtration improvement you will experience. When the kidneys are filtering as they should then the acidic lymph fluid is able to drain – this is important for the alkaline balance in your body.

Understanding the damaging effects of acidosis and how it relates to kidney function, is key to helping you achieve better health. Use this formula by itself when needed or better yet in a cleanse program along with the COLON CLEANSE, LIVER BLOOD DETOX and LYMPH DETOX formulas.

Traditional Chinese Medicine connects the energy stored in the kidneys, to your primal life force. Using our LIFE FORCE formula to nourish and strengthen the kidneys, alongside the KIDNEY CLEANSE will greatly
enhance your sense of well being.

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