A common mistake many people make is to stop taking the herbs when their body reacts either too strongly or not much at all. Instead, adjust the dosage and include other herbs to support the process.

Keep in mind that healing the body is really an experimentation process in awakening your connection with the body’s health. Ultimately no one knows and cares for your body better than you, or at least, this is how it should be.

What could be a better testament to self-empowerment than to take care of yourself and learning to heal yourself when needed rather than handing your power and body over to some doctor and hope that your self-interest and well-being will be considered with the utmost care.

Below are some of the most common questions asked during a cleanse.

I have chronic loose stool or diarrhoea, should I still use the Colon Cleanse?

Many users have reported that the Colon Cleanse helped to reverse these conditions. Although it may exaggerate the symptoms for a while. Use the Anti-Parasite formula when it is available in these cases.

My lower back area feels sore and I feel tired while cleansing - what should I do?

Support the adrenals and thyroid if you have not done so by using the Adrenal Support and Endocrine Health formulas. Also, keep using the Kidney Cleanse.

I feel nauseous while doing the colon cleanse, why? What should I do?

The liver is stressed. Take the Liver Blood Detox formula. It is recommended that you detox the gut, liver, kidneys all at the same time to reduce the chances of one of these organs becoming stressed from the process.

Should I do the colon, liver and kidney at the same time?

Yes ideally. Cleansing the gut by itself would provide great health benefits but for some people it puts stress on their liver and kidneys.

Why are my symptoms appearing to get worse when I start the cleanse?

Your body is self-healing so keep at it.

I feel more bloated and constipated while taking the Colon Cleanse, what should I do?

Increase the number of capsules slowly. Eat more fruits, veggies, and some whole grains. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids. And more importantly support the adrenals with the Life Force or Adrenal Support formulas.

I am taking this number of capsules and the number of bowel movements is about the same. What should I do?

Increase the dosage by 2 caps each day until you get to 2-3 bowel movements. Eat more fruits, greens, and some whole grains for nourishment and fiber. Work on being as relaxed as possible and drink plenty of fluids.

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