Colon Cleanse


Herbal formula
Colon Cleanse
Intestinal Detox & Anti Parasitic
The easiest and most effective way to improve digestive function and overall health. Helps to lose weight & feel better. Gently and very efficiently purges old accumulated waste in the small and large intestines. Eliminates parasites.
Heals intestinal walls.

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90 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH

DIRECTIONS: The goal is to have 2-3 good bowel movements a day. Start by taking 1-2 caps twice a day with meal. Increase the dosage by 1 cap each time daily until result is achieved. If you have diarrhoea take less.
INGREDIENTS: 10:1 extracts of wormwood, black walnut hull, pumpkin seed, turkey rhubarb, cascara sagrada, slippery elm, marshmallow; powders of cloves, neem & andrographis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine referred to the gut as the sea of a thousand illnesses. Translating this into the modern sense means build up of toxic waste, parasites and their waste, undigested starch and protein. The way the body deals with undigested food matter in the gut is by using fungus like candida to do the clean up.

Most people have a certain degree of some or all of the above issues due to lifestyle choices, poor food quality, low immune strength, weak digestion and environmental factors. If you have slow digestion and/or feel bloaty, gassy, belchy, itchy after eating, especially after starchy grains, white sugar; if you feel tired, have chronic low energy, craves processed sugar and flour, chances are you have parasites and/or an overgrowth of candida. A colon cleanse will help to resolve these issues.
The Colon Cleanse formula does a very good job in eliminating parasites and purge old accumulated waste in both the small and large intestines. Once the parasites are killed it is important to release them from the gut to prevent putrifaction and further toxification of the gut. If you had not done a cleanse for some years you may consider doing 2-3 cycles with each cycle being 4 weeks on the herb and 1 week off. The important thing is to take enough capsules so your body will have 2-3 good bowel movements. After about a week you may see the stool to be blackish and very foul. This indicates the old accumulated waste that had been lining your gut for years being released.

NOTE: For the full cleanse program use in combo with our 10400, 10300 & 10500 formulas.

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