Metals & Chemicals Detox

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  • Helps remove mercury and other heavy metals
  • Assists in chemical detox
  • Rich in nutrients
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90 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs each

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-5 capsules twice a day between meals, and more as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Tulasi, moringa, activated charcoal; 10:1 extracts of chlorella, alfalfa, cilantro, barley grass, seaweed, kelp and shilajit.


100% Pure Herbs | No Fillers | Vegan | No Chemical Additives

We live in a toxic world, unfortunately. The inner state of our body is just a reflection of our outer environment. Everything that we come into contact with and take into our body through our mouth, nose and skin will stay with us until we eliminate them through the urine, feces, skin and breath. If any of these eliminative routes are not functioning properly, which is common with most people, the toxicity will build up in the body.


Heavy metals and chemicals in the body interrupt the normal function of the internal organs, glands and cells. They also increase the chances of DNA mutation and create a whole lot of other negative impacts on your health.

Detoxing the body is very important since most diseases are a result of bodily degeneration caused by acidity/toxicity. It makes sense to first cleanse the gut, kidneys, liver and lymph system, since they take care of the toxicity in the body. Then you can use this formula to release heavy metals and chemicals.

Ideally we suggest reading our book, ‘The Art of Detox’ and look into our family of detox formulas such as COLON CLEANSE, KIDNEY CLEANSE, LIVER & BLOOD HEALTH, LYMPH DETOX, STONE DISSOLVER and INTESTINE BROOM. To go directly into detoxing heavy metals and chemicals without first addressing the above systems is also possible but, is less effective.

If your goal is to clean your body as much as possible for it to regenerate and for you to achieve a new state of health, it only makes sense to invest in yourself. The only possession and home you have is your body. Whether your body gives you joy and pleasure, or pain and suffering, depends on how well it is cared for.

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  1. Tiffany

    Hi I m Tiffany here recently I jut come across yr mingherbs products so I bought a few types I bought anti parasites for my Mother n she’s been taking for abt nearly 2 weeks n these 2 days she found out dst her stools got worms is it a good sign after taking e anti parsaties Csn u pls let me noe is good or bad can u pls kindly reply me the u

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