Cough & Flu Aid


Herbal formula
Cough & FLU AID
• Detox and support lungs
• Fights flu symptoms and relieves cough
• Eliminates mucous and supports immune system
• Has strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

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60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH
DIRECTIONS: Take 2-4 capsules a day to support and improve lung function. In cases of cough and cold symptoms take 2-4 capsules every 2 hours until symptoms subside. In acute states, use along with IMMUNE SUPPORT to increase effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: 10:1 extracts of Mullein, elecampane, lungwort,
comfrey, elderberry, echinacea, folden seal, peppermint, astragalus, plantain. Powders of tulsi, moringa


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