Understanding Women’s Digestive Health

It can be extremely frustrating feeling constipated & bloated one minute, to feel amazing the next week, only to find yourself followed by abdominal pains, diarrhea & uncontrollable belching. As a woman your digestion is always changing, as is your hormones!

If your digestion is all over the place, it can feel so confusing. You are not alone in this uphill battle.  

Also according to studies, emptying of food from the stomach is slower for women. This is an important factor in explaining why bloating is being experienced more frequently by women than men. ​​Emptying from the large intestine is slower in women compared with men. This explains why chronic constipation is more common in women. 

Women experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), two to six times more often than men, & it is also known that colon cancer is the third most common cancer for women in the United States. 

For multiple reasons, the gastrointestinal system is different in women than it is in men. Your hormones are constantly changing day to day.  These daily hormonal changes every month impact your digestion, which explains why it’s changing all the time! They also change if you are highly stressed, if there’s a changes in your diet, if you are not sleeping well, breastfeeding, pregnant, going through menopause & many other lifestyle factors. This is why women often experience GI symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. 

Hormonal Imbalances in Women

Do painful periods, bloating, constipation, fatigue, difficulty losing weight, PMS, & hormonal acne sound familiar? These are symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women. These symptoms are absolutely not something you need to live with. These are all manifestations of feminine imbalance & I know you are probably wondering how to treat hormonal imbalance naturally.

This may sound surprising to you, but the truth is your hormonal health is connected to your gut. Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria & microorganisms. Some of them are in charge of modulating your hormone production & breakdown. 

Your hormones & digestive system work hand in hand. To have balanced hormones, you need to have a healthy digestive system & vice versa. Having a balanced & nutritious diet will keep your gut bacteria happy, resulting in balanced hormones, increased energy levels & more!

Happy hormones have endless benefits to our digestion & overall life.

Herbs to Support Common Digestive Problems in Women

The solution? Use herbs to support your digestion. 

I’ve tried many herbs over the past 10 years, but for me, Ming Herbs is the best I’ve used. They are really gentle on my body & I have incredible results compared to other herbs I have tried.

They have amazing support formulas that you can use for specific health concerns such as heavy & irregular periods, poor circulation, etc. 

There are also formulas that help balance your hormones, improve your energy & build blood

Struggling with bloating, indigestion & parasites? Fret not because there is a product perfect for that. 

Strengthening your stomach, liver & gut can also be made easy & possible.

Focusing on the visible symptoms is important, but preventative health is always best.

Remember: an investment in your health today can mean you don’t pay the price of a disease tomorrow.

The Best Detox for Women

You can also try Ming Herbs’ detox kits which use high-quality herbs designed to work in harmony within your body. After years of searching for what herbs help detox the body, I found that Ming Herbs offer the best cleanse for women on the market!

Choose from 3 different kit options available & consider using these herbs as an investment in your health.

If this is your first time using detox herbs, I recommend the serious or medium cleanse. If you have more experience with detoxing, the basic cleanse should be enough for you. 

If you feel your body reacts too strongly or not much at all, don’t stop taking the herbs. Instead, change the dosage & add other herbs to support your process.

Treat Hormonal Imbalances & Digestive Problems Naturally

Healing the body is a process in awakening your connection with your body.

No one cares for your body better than you; so listen to what it is trying to tell you.

Now, if you are one of those who are struggling with women’s digestive health, you came to the right place. 

Trust me, I honestly tried everything to heal my digestion but nothing seemed to work…I literally looked like I was pregnant & the only thing that would make me poop was coffee.

My stomach was always so bloated it hurt to touch. I had no idea what to eat as everything irritated me. The painful & smelly gas was so embarrassing. I kept binge eating to numb the pain. But I found a way, the feminine way! 

I have a gift to give your support right now! This is a free gift to support you on how to support hormonal imbalances & digestive problems. Healing your digestion takes time & dedication & these 8 secrets that I’m sharing with you can support you right now in finding relief. 

And if you need digestive support right now, book a free 20 minute bite size consultation with me. 

Now that you’ve discovered how to treat hormonal imbalance naturally, it’s time to put on your superwoman hat again & conquer your digestive health issues.

With love 

Jodie Louise xx

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