Immune Defense Kit


The Immune Defense Kit contains four of our products best suited to enhancing your immunity during these unsettling times.

The package contains one pack of each of the following:

  • Immune Support
  • Plant Vit-C
  • Bac/Viral Cleanse
  • Lung Detox


This package was put together with the intention of offering a defensive tool kit against the viral outbreak.

The best option now is not to get infected. For this you need to take preventative actions.

Chaga mushroom in particular, and other medicinal mushrooms in general could be very helpful. Chaga prevents proliferation of viruses by inhibiting a protease the virus needs to reproduce itself within your cells.

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant and it tightens your cell walls making them less prone to pathogenic invasion.

When your body is hardened with adequate amounts of vitamin C, chaga mushroom and antiviral herbs then it will be less prone to the virus gaining a foothold in your body and quickly overwhelming it.

You can take all the herbs in this kit at the same time twice a day as a preventative measure against viral intrusion.

If you started to feel itchy and scratchy in the throat then increase the dosage and try to kick it out. You can increase the frequency of the dosage per day and/or numbers of capsules per dosage. Follow your intuition.

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