What a real detox includes

The Gut

The gut– a major source of old accumulated waste and parasites, and cause of low energy and many diseases. Poor gut health will negatively effect all the other internal organs and overall nourishment of the body.

Indications: People with parasitic infections often have low energy, look malnourished, have a protruding gut that is not from the fat layer, strong sugar and junk food cravings, sensitive and painful in gut area to the touch, constipation, chronic diarrhoea, gut prolapses, irritable bowel syndrome, polyps, Crohn’s disease.


Kidneys – when working properly, the kidneys filter the lymph fluid, which is roughly 50% of your body weight, and this is a big workload. Kidney energy is connected to your Jing or life force in Chinese Medicine. This means weak kidneys, weak life force.

Indications:  Lower back/kidneys area pain and weakness. Urinary tract infections, eye weakness, bags under eyes, gout, cystitis, edema, restricted urine flow, burning urination, anxiety, chronic fear, lack of will power and motivation, not enough energy to get the job done.


Lymph – at this level of cleansing you can alkalize the body. This can be translated into elimination of inflammation, pain, reducing of wrinkles, skin dryness, premature aging, and a regenerating of the whole body.  This is where good health and true anti-aging are found.  It takes a year or two to shift this system depending on your current state of acidosis but you will most likely begin experiencing positive changes within a month or two.

Indications: Chronic sinus congestion, phlegm, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, edema, allergies, abscesses, gout, cellulite, blurred vision, pimples, boils, cysts, acne and dry, leathery skin with age spots.


Liver – The liver is the chemical factory of the body. It is where chemicals are made and synthesized from given raw materials, for example, the liver converts silica into calcium. It has a big job in regard to digestion.

Some researchers believe liver bile circulates in the body preventing germ cells and tumor cells from forming. Germ cells in this case refer to cells that can potentially subdivide and grow into a mass of tissue similar to the germ cells that produce a fetus and baby; in essence, this is what a tumor is. Bile salt nips this process in the bud thus preventing uncontrolled growth.

Chinese Medicine calls the liver the General. If the liver is congested, then all the internal organs will suffer. Liver Qi is responsible for harmonious energy flow through all the meridians in the body.  From this idea, we can perceive that all tension related pain in the body is a result of liver Qi stagnation. Therefore, by cleaning the liver you harmonize energy flow throughout the body.

Indications of weakened liver/gallbladder: pain in mid-back, right front side under ribcage, white or pale stool, liver spots on skin, bloating after eating fats and dairy, anemia.

(Liver/Gallstones – If you know or sense you have gallstones and/or kidney stones please use Stone Dissolver Herbal formula. Liver/Gallstone flushes are popular and nice to do annually but the process may be difficult for some people, especially for those who are sensitive and have weak adrenals. An herbal stone dissolver program is a very good and easy alternative.)



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