Adrenal Builder


Herbal formula
ADRENAL builder

• Supports and rebuilds Adrenal Glands
• Helps fight Chronic Fatigue & Tiredness
• Strengthens weak Lower Back, Knees and Ankles
• Supports the nervous system

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60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-2 caps twice a day in between meals, or more as needed.

INGREDIENTS: 10:1 Extracts of siberian ginseng/eleuthero, he shou wu, saw palmetto, rhodiola, juniper berry, astragalus, kelp, shilajit; powders of
ashwagandha, licorice, vitex nirgundi.


Overworked or stressed adrenal glands are a very common problem in this modern age. These tiny glands on top of the kidneys have many functions beyond their commonly known ones; and insufficient adrenal performance can induce a whole host of health problems. The adrenal glands control kidney function, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys are connected to your primal life force, your bones, ears, lower back, knees, ankles, head and hair; any weaknesses in these areas usually indicate that the kidneys are stressed.


One of the more important functions of the kidneys is filtering lymph fluid. If the kidneys filtering capacity is compromised, it causes the lymph fluid to build up and this toxic build up leads to acidosis. Acid effects degeneration; it erodes everything, causing inflammation and pain. It breaks down tissue, bones and joints.

Adrenal glands also control the autonomic nervous system, which in turn controls the function of all the internal organs, your metabolism, hormone production and more.
Weakness in the adrenals is the main contributor to fatigue and frayed nerves.

It is important to have strong, well functioning adrenals which support the kidneys and properly filter and eliminate acid from the body.

Our ADRENAL TONIC helps bring the adrenal glands, and therefore, the kidneys back into balance. Use with our KIDNEY CLEANSE CAPS and POWER TONIC or REJUVENATOR for extra potency. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and regularly cleansing the gut, kidneys and liver, is essential for long term wellness.

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