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60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH
DIRECTIONS: Take 1-3 caps twice a day in between meals.
INGREDIENTS: Powders of ashwagandha, mucuna, nirgundi, liquorice;
10:1 extracts of bugleweed, astragalus, bladderwrack, kelp,
saw palmetto, mullein, poke root,
stinging nettle, bayberry.


Hypo function of the thyroid glands is very common and is the primary link to many health issues. These are some the signs that you may have hypothyroidism: puf nessin the face, upper and lower eyelids, hair loss, thinning or complete loss of the eye brow or the outer 1/3, hypoglycemia, insomnia, menstrual problems, TMJ, cold intolerance, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, iron and B12 de ciency, pale or yellowish, brittle, ridged, striated, and thickened nails.

Other signs of hypothyroidism are absence of perspiration, dry skin, white patches on skin, tendency to develop allergies, heart weakness, vertigo and dizziness. Hypothyroidism is connected to many health symptoms such as obesity, liver congestion, chronic pain, headaches, enlarged heart, fragile nervous system, sleep apnea, depression, schizoid personality disorder and bipolar disorder.

One of the best ways to nd out whether your thyroid is underperforming is by keeping track of your body’s basal temperature. For adults, put a thermometer under your armpit for 10 minutes upon waking and before moving. Do this for 3-5 days and keep a record. The standard body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature readings between 97.8 – 98.2 (36.6 – 36.8 Celsius) are considered normal and below 97.8 is highly indicative of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism could be caused by weakened thyroid glands, de ciency of iodine, toxicity where the glandular receptors are overwhelmed or/
and low functioning pituitary gland, as the pituitary gland controls the thyroid glands. Please see our family of other formulas that will work to compliment Thyroid Support.

It is important to look at the detox angle when working on healing the thyroid. This formula is made to support your thyroid. In more severe situations please seek appropriate professional guidance.

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