Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. We are in the process of making videos to address various health issues that people have. And the topic that we’ll be covering in this video and in the next videos is about adrenal fatigue.


Adrenal Fatigue

“It’s a syndrome that results from being stressed to a point at which the body can’t respond in an optimal way,” by James L. Wilson, PhD, who coined the term adrenal fatigue in his book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Syndrome

It’s actually a very common phenomenon. And adrenal fatigue is the western way of looking at the human body. In Eastern medicine, they would call that kidney Jing deficiency, or something similar.

The foundation of Chinese medicine is based on the five elements. So, the kidneys is the water element that is connected to holding the energy of our life force. So basically, the totality of the strength that we have, the level of vitality that we have is dependent on how much kidney Jing that we have in our body.

It’s actually at some level of it is connected to the hormonal fluids and things like that. If you measure it in the western way of looking at this equation.

The Adrenal Fatigue or Energy of the Kidney being deficient is quite common nowadays. I would say that almost all people have some level of it. A lot of times we just don’t know that we have it.


A Modern Lifestyle Condition

So if you observe the human system, you will see that most people experience kind of a gradual decline of the energy level, and then of their health, and when the energy level is low enough to a certain level, then the body because of this chronic over many years or even decades of a lack of ability to self-maintain itself, then you develop illnesses and then if you go deeper it will turn into something more serious like a disease.

According to Dr. Morse, he was saying that pretty much everyone has a certain level of adrenal fatigue. So if you observe people and observe what we consume it seems to confirm that. Humans drink a lot of caffeine in general. Coffee is a huge industry. So the teas, the green teas the oolong, and things like that, while they are very nice to drink, but the underlying need for those things is usually some level of a lack of energy.


So there are various ways of looking at it and association with this low in energy. Because you have to remember that the adrenals and the kidneys energy support your whole system, from the function of your brain to your heart, to the liver, to your hairs and nails and sense of vitality, your immune system, and the quality of your blood, are at some level controlled by the strength of your kidney’s energy.

So when we have less of it (adrenal and kidneys energy), it’s usually caused by lifestyle choices. Some of us are born with more resources, some born with less resources. But in the long term, how much we expend and how much we know how to replenish makes a huge difference, and we can talk about these things in more detail in a future video.

But the idea is that when your core energy becomes weak, then it affects in a negative way all the functions in your body. And then this weakness as it carries on will manifest in certain symptoms. And we all have our unique weaknesses and strengths in the body. At some point in this decline in our core strength, then certain symptoms will manifest.

Like the appearance aspect of it is very telling. When people have pouches under the eyes, or dark and brown spots, or the loss of hair, and the digestion is not so good, or when people feel constipated, and one of the good measurements is just the lack of energy.

Although, in stage 2 of Adrenal Fatigue, people go into the hyper state. So their nervous system trying to compensate for the lack of energy will go into hyper mode which in the longer-term burns out the adrenal even quicker. And many people actually don’t catch this. They think that they have so much energy, yet their body is not regulating properly in terms of the circadian rhythm.


Depletion of Adrenal Strength and Kidney Energy

There are certain elements that will contribute to the depletion of our Adrenal Strength and our Kidneys energy. I think the most important element is Lifestyle. And within this lifestyle, is how intense are our chronic states of stress. So, the kidney’s energy is connected to the emotion of Fear. Fear can be expressed in Stress, Anxiety, and Insecurity.

And then your adrenals and kidneys energy support your nervous system. So, most people who have low or weak kidneys energy, usually have some kind of a nervous type of an issue. It’s simply because the nervous system cannot adapt to the stimulation of the outer reality as much as it used to be. And that’s where like many people cannot handle the stress of life so they either go inward in a form of self-isolation or if they have to function in the world, they will stimulate their system to be able to handle the outer activities and this will eventually lead to even more weakened states.

And then the other factor is the level of toxicity in the body. And of course, this too is connected to our lifestyle. So basically, most of the health issues that we have are lifestyle-related. So, knowing that it is lifestyle-related, then we can actually do a lot to improve our health. Improve our energy. Improve our … everything. Right? So, Human beings, we can create whatever that we wish to. Sometimes it just takes time to unfold. How much and how quickly we can create depends a lot on our mental strength, our mental energy.

So, you know, and your kidney’s energy also controls your brain function. How much you can focus and concentrate, and how creative it can be, is also determined by the amount of resources you have in your kidneys.


So, low energy, and then the decline of this energy over time, mostly from stress, lifestyle issues, then you will have at some point the beginning of health symptoms. And then if this situation is not corrected, the body will go into a relatively quick decline in function.

But on the other hand, if you look from the perspective of Chinese Herbal Medicine and certain practices that we can do, then there are a lot of ways to reverse this process and even to improve our health overall. But all of these will take work.

So in the following videos, we will dive into these details of how to reverse, and not only that but how to even improve on your vitality.

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