We’re going to talk about some of the general ideas that you have to do if you’re in a certain state of adrenal weakness, of how to recover, how to become whole again.

 So, using the herbs like Ming Herbs and Happy Teas is going to be a part of your tools. What you need to do is address these other parts.


1)  Rest, whenever you have a chance to rest.

I know that in the modern western lifestyle, having a nap in the afternoon is not so hip. But if you can have a nap – maybe not every day of the week – but whenever you can, do take a nap. Just lay down, relax – even if you don’t fall asleep. Just lay down. And that means without your smartphone; without the computer; without even music and just let your body be without any stimulation or only as little as possible.


2) Nutrition is very important.

“You have to work on more of the body-building aspect of food. “

So you can use food and the herbs to detox and then to rebuild. Sometimes you can do both at the same time, but then it just depends on how deep down in the adrenal fatigue you are, then the nutrients are going to become very valuable for your process of healing.


3) Electromagnetic Fields

And then the other part is to stay away from – as much as possible – laptops, wifi, or try not to expose your body to too much electromagnetic fields. This will rob you of your energy.


4) Quality of your sleep and duration of your sleep.

And this is where the true healing. It’s your ability to sleep. Many people with adrenal fatigue don’t sleep deep enough and don’t sleep long enough, and then when you wake up in the morning, you feel groggy or not so energized. So if you work on having a quality sleep, you will wake up much more refreshed.


5) Relaxation Practices & Energy Practices

And of course, there are some of these other practices – give yourself a sound bath, just tuning into some relaxing music, and then relax your body.

Or if you have more resources and energy, learn some Qi Gong practices. Well, Qi Gong is basically an art of how to build your Qi. And it will be very valuable to have a practice that’s gentle. You can stand on your feet, or if you don’t have enough resources, you can sit on a chair and still have the practice. It’s a very useful tool that’s been practiced for thousands of years to rebuild your inner strength.

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