Herbs are very helpful in the process of recovering.

What the herbs do… is like somewhat of a special type of creation that humans have access to.

It can help to speed up the process – that’s what it is. Like if you want to detox, you can use the food or the water – what have you, depending on the condition of your inner state. And the herbs usually move the process on much faster, instead of using food for months and years to achieve a result. You can probably do it with herbs in a month or two.


Tonic Herbs for Adrenal Building

So Tonic Herbs are a very special class of herb that basically have the chemistry, have the energy that supports not only the adrenals – because a lot of these herbs do many things. So some of them also support your Qi and your immune system and other aspects of it.

So basically, when your kidney energy is low, it doesn’t mean that only the kidneys’ energy is low. It also depends on how long you’ve been in this state. It usually means that other functions and part of the body is also somewhat compromised.

So, like with Ming Herbs and Happy Teas, we basically have these formulas – the Life Force and the Adrenal Builder in the capsule form for the kidneys and adrenal.

And then we have the More Energy tea; it’s just a matter of options and choices depending on your lifestyle. Some people like tea, some people like capsules.


Vitamin C

And then vitamin C is usually quite helpful in rebuilding the adrenals and kidneys. Actually, vitamin C has so many functions in the body that it’s highly recommended that we have a certain amount of it in our system. Whether it’s through fruit and vegetables. Mostly fruit. And then these capsules that we have – Plant Vit-C – are basically a very concentrated quantity of Vitamin C that’s extracted from some of the highest sources of natural vitamin C available on the planet. And, even though if you measure the quantity of Vitamin C in it is low relative to like ascorbic acid, the absorbability and the functionality of the Vitamin C that you get from the herb is like 100%. Versus ascorbic acid, it’s not so usable.



And then many people who have adrenal issues also have a tendency to be mineral deficient. It’s the kidneys’ function – or the adrenals’ – to create neurotransmitters, to transport the minerals and the nutrients into the cells. So when that process is not working so well, and especially if people consume too much alcohol, white flour, coffee – and things that are draining on the body’s minerals – then you have a lack. (That’s why we included the Living Minerals in capsules, and the Alkalizing & Mineralizing Tea)

So anyway, this herbal program is actually a very nice program to incorporate into your toolbox.


Sleep & Relaxation

And the other two things that I was thinking at this moment that could be very helpful are the Nerve Healer and the Sound Sleep capsules or the Better Sleep (the tea version).

Again we go back to the idea that good quality sleep is the thing that will help your body to heal and regenerate. So, all we are doing here, along with changing in lifestyle and changing in nutrition, and things like that, is for the purpose of helping your body to sleep better so that you can heal.

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