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Ming Herbs – For Radiant Health

If you found this page you probably realized that long term health is not created by quick fixes.

With the Eastern approach to holistic health combined with the western solution oriented mindset Ming herbs puts together a range of highest quality herbs into potent formulas to solve the problem of health issues of today.

Even if we have herbal formulas for sale, the main purpose with Ming Herbs existence is to spread knowledge and support real long term health.

Knowing how it is the acidity/alkalinity of the human body, which is the basis of disease and health, and not the pathogens per se, you can combine the herbs to a herbal detox and support program just for you with Ming’s wide range of herbal formulas.

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The Solution for Digestive Health Problems in Women

The Solution for Digestive Health Problems in Women

Understanding Women's Digestive Health It can be extremely frustrating feeling constipated & bloated one minute, to feel amazing the next week, only to find yourself followed by abdominal pains, diarrhea & uncontrollable belching. As a woman your digestion is...

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What Happens in the Body when the Adrenal Function is Weak

What Happens in the Body when the Adrenal Function is Weak

I want to share some ideas based on Western research and Chinese medicine of what happens in the body when the adrenal function is weak and (in relation to) the kidney Jing. So, the kidneys are connected to your head hair. ---- “I lost these (head hair) – starting to...

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Adrenal Support Herbal Program

Adrenal Support Herbal Program

Herbs are very helpful in the process of recovering. What the herbs do… is like somewhat of a special type of creation that humans have access to. It can help to speed up the process – that's what it is. Like if you want to detox, you can use the food or the water –...

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